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We’re happy to introduce our latest accessory in partnership with NALGENE. Made to last a lifetime, the CLAE x  NALGENE Sustain Bottle is made with innovative material derived from 50% plastic waste.

Less plastic waste, more innovative recycling

Each bottle is created with a revolutionary resin powered by new recycling technology that transforms plastic destined for landfills into high-performance BPA/BPS-free bottles. 

This material is derived from 50% plastic waste (using ISCC-certified mass balance) which further offsets the use of fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. 

Made in the USA

One Sustain Bottle is equivalent to 8 single-use recycled plastic bottles. 

Designed by the CLAE team, our Sustain Bottle is made in the USA from recycled materials. Exclusive logo 'CLAE LOS ANGELES Inspired by The Wild.' Limited Edition.

Stay hydrated with our recycled CLAE x NALGENE Sustain Bottle!