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Our Favorite Shop (OFS), Los Angeles
Monday, June 18, 2012

Presented by footwear brand CLAE, Our Favorite Shop (OFS) is a shiny new concept store; packed with the typical concept store malarkey, super-hip books, super-limited editions, super-cool accessories, collabs and entertainment. Sure, nothing new to see here, there's none of the architectural nuances of the likes of Konzepp or LN-CC, and it's not as edgy as somewhere like Gallery, by Minty Concept Club but there's plenty to get excited about. Designed in collaboration with architect Nathan Lentz, Shin Okuda from furniture designers WAKA WAKA and with assistance from architect Francis Ireifej, aesthetically OFS serves up a big old wallop of freshness; this is light and airy retail space at its best, the product is not overpowered by the spacious design, and the space is not overpowered by the product. A simple formula, you'd surely agree, but one that's very rarely adhered to. Content-wise, there's books and periodicals from the likes of We Heart faves OHWOW, there's vintage vinyl, accessories from Black Pine Workshop, and of course plenty of footwear from CLAE. The brand's founder Sung Choi, along with his partner Pete Arbelaez, bring a real personal touch to the store and the product, that really stands out in its curation. There's soul in this place, and often that can make as much a difference as bold gestures.

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