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Freshness: PROJECT Show Las Vegas – CLAE Spring/Summer 2013
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chambers, Strayhorn, Russell, McQueen, Wilder…these aren’t merely eloquent names thought up by Sung Choi, designer/founder of CLAE, for his footwear. Rather, they are bearers of standards which Choi try to strive for, either in his personal or professional lives. In addition to the noted editions above, as well as the Ellington (in floral prints) and the Bruce (in mesh) silhouettes, Choi will be including one other new edition, the Mills, at CLAE‘s Spring/Summer 2013 Preview event in PROJECT Show Las Vegas. Ideal for causal usage yet just supportive enough for a serious run around your local park, the Mills feature a proven sneaker-like form with a Vibram outsole for traction and a natural cork midsole for comfort and cushioning. Set to launch early 2013 at all CLAE retail locations worldwide. -Freshness

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