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Freshness: Our Favorite Shop | Mid City, Los Angeles
Friday, June 1, 2012

A new kind of shoe shop, one that will be known by the diversity of its products and the minimalism of its sun-infused design, held its Grand Opening in Mid City, Los Angeles this past weekend. A mix of LA streetwear aficionados, art buffs, and music lovers joined together for a backyard barbecue to celebrate the opening of footwear label CLAE's first retail concept and design space, Our Favorite Shop (OFS). With tunes bumping from Mathieu Schreyer of KCRW and spinning from DJs Higher and Hiro, guests were able to enjoy backyard games and browse the latest from CLAE and a range of other color-happy accessories from Baron Von Fancy, hats by Babutunde, books from OHWOW, vintage LPs,Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps,and Yumaki toothbrushes (because you know no shoe shop would be complete without Japanese toothbrushes). In other words, grab a friend or two and head on down to welcome MId City's newest neighbor.

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