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CLAE's Our Favorite Shop
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Favorite Shop is the latest creative endeavor from men's shoe company CLAE. The brainchild of CLAE founder and creative director, Sung Choi, Our Favorite Shop's interior was designed in collaboration with architect Nathan Lentz and Shin Okuda from the furniture design company WAKA WAKA, with assistance from architect Francis Ireifej. According to Sung, the inspiration came from how various shapes related to each other in the space. The versatile design uses simple geometric shapes as modular fixtures, making the whole space easily transformable. The wood blocks above the windows act as a sound barrier and also creates texture and a "strong topographical feel." The space serves a dual purpose: a decked-out shoe store as well as CLAE's creative studio. The "decked-out" portion of the store involves books, audio compilations, accessories, and men's grooming and personal products.

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