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McQueen: The Real Deal
Monday, June 4, 2012

In 1967 when Steve McQueen invited Peter Yates to direct the film Bullitt, he had only one thing in mind. He wanted to leave the fake roads of studio lots in the dust and shoot with real drivers on real streets. With a quest for authenticity, McQueen and a team of stunt drivers raced through the city streets of San Francisco at speeds up to 100 mph, creating the iconic scene that would forever change the cinematic car chase. During the filming of Bullitt, McQueen wore a classic chukka boot that originally became popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Named for the resemblance to the boots worn by polo players during seven-minute matches called chukkers, they were designed to be both comfortable and versatile. Inspired by McQueen’s vision to modernize film, we updated the chukka adding a custom footbed, modern rubber sole and unique eyestay. With a wide array of textiles and unexpected details our McQueen pushes the limits of versatility being both lightweight and strong. The perfect fit for putting pedal to the metal, these mid-tops give you all the freedom of the open road ahead.

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