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Duke Ellington: Beyond Category
Thursday, May 24, 2012

For 50 years bandleader and composer Duke Ellington led one of the most remarkable and self-defined orchestras in American music until his death on May 24,1974. Today on the 38th anniversary of his passing, we want to honor both the man and his music. During his career Ellington composed over 3,000 songs, scored movies, composed stage musicals and toured the world offering up live performances that would ensure his iconic status. Due to his extraordinary talent and innovative use of his big band, Ellington elevated the perception of jazz to an art form recognized as on par with what, at the time, was defined as traditional music. Inspired by Ellington’s ability to transcended boundaries and maintain an unmatched universal appeal, we designed a simple yet elegant classic oxford silhouette. Aptly named, our CLAE Ellington is a well- versed style that defies defiinton.

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